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Connecting the dots

Our interconnected world is changing rapidly. Political and social upheavals are reframing notions of safety and security and the boundaries of the state’s responsibility to provide for it. Wars and conflicts are changing, too, impacted by climate change, new geo-political alliances and ethnic-religious strife. Even countries nominally ‘at peace’ suffer significant burdens due to entrenched organised crime and corruption, migration, and shifting demographics.

Addressing these challenges requires new ways of thinking. Kennis brings together expertise from the domains of criminology, public health, armed violence reduction, data analytics, and good governance — domains that each have their own tools and languages — interrogating the spaces where they overlap and the gaps between them, to generate innovative perspectives on evolving challenges of safety and security in the modern world, and the responsibilities of authorities to meet those challenges. Kennis contributes to ongoing high-level research and policy assessments, project evaluation, training and capacity building initiatives.